Asami F. / Los Angeles, CA


“Beware – lessons with Sean will turn you into a die-hard golfer, and as a result, you will abandon your loved ones in favor of golfing with Sean. My boyfriend used to take me out to dinner on Thursdays but not anymore. Now he religiously has lessons with Sean on a weekly basis, and I’m left watching Netflix at home, alone and hungry.

Or eating ramen. But still alone. And my boyfriend has improved so much since beginning his weekly lessons, that now he even spends his weekends beating his friends and taking their money cause they’re boys and of course they bet money on who wins.

So, I took a lesson with Sean to make sure he wasn’t cheating on me with this great “Sean”. I’m a beginner golfer, I started learning in May. Sean has a variety of learning tools in his arsenal, from crutches to a rotating board, but the crown jewel of his teaching artillery is the sophisticated swing analysis computer. He can capture video of your swing, play it in slow motion, and draw lines of where your spine is supposed to be.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t use it because I have a phobia of being filmed/photographed, but he was able to accommodate me anyways. From just a 20 minute lesson, I learned that in all this time, the entire three months of my lifelong golf career, no one told me I needed to move my lower body when I swing. Wow. Maybe I won’t quadruple bogey anymore. Mind blown. Go to Sean. Maybe if he has too many appointments, my boyfriend can finally feed me on Thursdays…”

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