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This is my first Yelp review. If I could give Sean more stars I would, he is that good. He is very patient and encouraging, and teaches with a calmness that makes learning golf feel relaxed. Week to week, he emphasizes one area, building on the skills from the week before to create a smooth natural progression. There have definitely been ups and downs,

but I am surprised by how much I have progressed in 6 lessons.

Some of the things Sean tries to accomplish seem daunting at the beginning of the lesson. But with his ability to explain concepts simply and clearly, and his use of a wide variety of user-friendly tools, he somehow makes it possible by the end of the lesson. His use of JC swing analysis video throughout the lesson is especially helpful. I can see in real time what I’m doing wrong and work to fix it immediately. I have had some instructors show me video at the end of the lesson, but at that point it’s harder to work on the problem.

I ask a lot of questions, and agree with a previous reviewer that Sean always seems to have an answer that makes sense. He has really studied and understands golf swing mechanics. For those who want technical explanations, he can provide answers for why a swing needs to work a certain way, and why your swing is not working. His ability to translate that to you so that you can apply to your swing right away really makes him stand out.

Sean is a great instructor even if you are looking for a quick fix and not a series of lessons. My first lesson with Sean was right before a company golf event, and he gave me a few simple tools that let me make it through relatively unscathed and surprise my 4some.

My experience with Sean has been very positive and fun. I highly recommend that you give him a try!

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