Jay C. / Los Angeles, CA


Sean has been helping me work on my iron, driver swing, and short game on and off for the past year. My play anywhere between 79 to 85 and I always break down certain part of my golf game which I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and get tune up from Sean. He explain precisely of problems I have from Iron swing to short game.

He uses his swing monitoring system and I for sure to know what the problems are by using his technology. Sean has great teaching ability, untangled flaws, and versatile and can use different techniques & drills to help me arrive at my optimum level.

The reason why Sean is so good teaching is that he can simplify things which makes golf swing less intimidating. Plus he plays really good on the course as well. hahahaha!
He is the one I’ll go to if I have any problems with my golf game. You should most definitely go to him if you want to be good @ game of golf.

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