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I’m an avid (but terrible) golfer who managed to work down to a single digit handicap on athleticism and tons of practice.  Well, life took over and time became more precious, limiting the repetitions that made my game what it was.  5 years later and my HI was back up in the teens and I was getting pretty frustrated with the game.

I met Sean while hitting balls at the Monterey Hills range and, on a lark, decided to take a lesson with him. The first thing I noticed about his teaching set up was his video capture system. I’ve had my swing captured a few times over the years, but not professionally. Within the course of a few swings, Sean started to point out glaring issues with my swing, e.g. my takeaway was too far to the inside, my wrist broke at the top, my hips were spinning out, etc. These issues were a culmination of years of zero coaching and too much YouTube. I thought I knew what a good swing was, but Sean showed me differently.

Sean’s teaching style is very straight forward and logical. He doesn’t try to fix all of your problems at once, but instead focuses on each one individually, eventually building a swing that is both comfortable and efficient. Since taking lessons with Sean, I’ve seen an improvement of about a club length in each of my irons and about 20 yards/avg in my woods. I’m swinging easier and hitting the ball further. It was the last thing that I expected. I’m not going to lie and say that this happened overnight and there have certainly been moments of frustration, but the overall improvement in my swing can’t be denied.

I know that a good coach is relative and not all teaching styles are going to fit everyone, but Sean’s ability to convey his knowledge of the swing to a wide range of people is his strength. If you’re a visual learner like myself, his vid capture system is a great place to learn. His knowledge of the swing is deep and he always seems to have an answer when an issue arises. Looking to start? Go to Sean. Looking to improve your swing? Go to Sean? Good luck and hit ’em straight, unless you’re stuck behind a tree.

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